Author: Annie A

  • On Divorce and/or Marriage Dissolution

        I’m imperfect and my marriage is likewise imperfect. And because of these imperfections, I recognize that I need help in my day-to-day decision-making. That’s why I always turn to God to give me the grace to critically think first before I make any decision. I pray that God may grant me the grace […]

  • Depression, Suicide in the light of Judas’ Betrayal, Despair & Suicide

      The gospel reading on Holy Wednesday is about Judas’ betrayal and subsequent despair and suicide. The Bible and homilies of clergy past and present are grace-and-Spirit-filled, and thus, of great help to one’s growth and development. But let me share this from the point of view of psychotherapy or psychology. According to Whiston, S. […]

  • Letter to My Daughter on Her Graduation

    A guest post.   A guest post.   This was a letter I wrote for my daughter’s career guidance portfolio when she graduated from high school several years back. The school had asked us to write a letter, and because they kept it I’ve done my best to recreate the original here, to recapture my […]