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  • God First, Family Second: Reflections from a Solo Date With God

    A guest post. I was able to say all twenty decades of the rosary and I was able to follow it along with the stained glass depicting each one in the church of Holy Rosary. What a privilege to note that there was a round motif happening in rather random middle panels and there they […]

  • Learning To Love Each Other Again

    A guest post. I used to be pro divorce bill five years ago because I wanted a divorce too. Annulment seemed hard because there seemed to be no grounds for our marriage to be annulled. We had marital problems like all married couples do. Five years ago, there was not a single day hubby and […]

  • Marriage Redeems

    A guest post from Jade Vargas-Pulido.     Today I was Facebook chatting with my Mom. We have been doing this for as long as I left home and country to be with my husband. We would chat about life, and fight about petty things too, like most mothers and daughters do. My Pops would […]

  • Health Claims and Seniors

    A guest post. Image: Todd Cravens If you are a distributor of food supplements, especially those expensive kinds, please be careful about your claims. Food supplements are not BFAD approved because it’s called food, right? I know this because I used to be a distributor of many different brands. All there are are stories or testimonies […]

  • We Are Deeply Loved

      by The Rambling Catholic “Law came in, to increase the trespass; but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more…” (Romans 5:20) The season of Lent for devout Catholics usually means offering sacrifices and working to have a closer relationship with God. But for the rest of us, especially in Catholic countries like the […]

  • Intentional Prayer Time

    A guest post from Michelle Siaotong Llaban. My deepest desire this year is to be closer to God, be at the highest state of grace possible and always fill my days with thoughts of the Lord. I wake up 6am daily to bring the kids to school, after that would be hundreds of errands, work […]

  • Call Us Conservative for Our Choice, But It Is Our Choice

      A guest post from Laika Pantaleon. I wrote this status some time ago after we attended the LGU’s pre-marriage seminar. I contemplated not posting it, but I wanted to get this out there because it wasn’t okay, and I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone again. _____________________________ I am SO angry. I can feel […]

  • What Rocks a Marriage and What Makes a Marriage Rock

    By May A by May A. The Survey of Marital Generosity ( was published in 2011 and was a summary of almost 2,000 couples’ response on what makes a marriage very happy and what makes a marriage strong (i.e. not prone to separation or divorce). It is a good objective document with great prescriptive counsel. […]

  • Sailing Through Rough Seas

        by The Rambling Catholic. Dark clouds blanketed the sky as a tiny boat traversed over the great waters. Monstrous waves billowed, and furious winds swept the decks with harrowing howls. Thunder roared above, and the men on board frail wood scrambled in terror. Light flashed violently in the blinding mists, and the crew […]

  • Catholic Podcasts to Deepen Your Knowledge of Our Faith

    A guest post from Sheryl Ebarvia Coronel. Dear all, if you’re looking for Catholic podcasts to deepen your knowledge of the things of our Christian faith, here’s a list of my favorites. Look for them in iTunes. Podcasts: 1. The Terry and Jesse Show 2. Institute of Catholic Culture 3. The Taylor Marshall Show 4. […]