Author: The Former Sapphist

  • Viva Cristo Rey

    Viva Cristo Rey

    On trembling kneesI offer thee my Kingno price of goldof studded ringno fragrant oilfrom merchants oldno bounty harvestof my father’s soil Behold my KingThis servant chaste, possessThy Sacred HeartQueen Mother’s blest With steady handsand beads and twineto praise and serveThy Majesty Divine And if beads do count each Hail MaryThen my King, my Savior, all […]

  • Further Along The Road Less Touched

    by The Former Sapphist Instead of saying, “That person gets on my nerves, think, that person sanctifies me.” — St. Josemaria Escriva   A couple of years ago, Pride month would have been a month-long feeling of excitement, of intense feelings of liberation, and gender-equated ambition. This is not the case now, since renouncing the lifestyle. This […]

  • A Critique of a critique on Moira Dela Torre’s song ‘Titibo-tibo’

    by The Former Sapphist This morning, I woke up to a message calling my attention to this article by John Mychal Feraren, who feels that Moira dela Torre’s song, Titibo-tibo spells trouble. I will discuss points that he left out since his stated objective to ‘thoroughly’ discuss the song was not carried out. Text vs. […]

  • An open letter to LGBTQs who wish to find Love

    by The Former Sapphist “Hear the other side.” — St. Augustine Dear Catholic gay/lesbian, I shared the same sentiments you have, when I was still actively practicing homosexuality — that feeling of being prejudiced and discriminated against, and condemned to eternal damnation. Yet, I wanted to stay Catholic. My problem is that the members of the church did not […]

  • Here’s why I hate late

      by The Former Sapphist. I seem to have a knack for attracting habitual late-comers. While I am also, on occasion, guilty of being late, to be on the receiving end of the waiting game makes me wonder what is it about people that makes them mindless about other people’s time? I hate being late […]

  • Cohabiting and the Worn Out Moral Fiber of the Youth

    Youth is wasted on the young — George Bernard Shaw by The Former Sapphist This is not the first time I’ve come across millennials who, by some unfortunate fate that they should be born in this time and place, have stood their ground on what they perceive to be natural, normal, and acceptable, for the simple reason […]

  • Wonder Woman is Pregnant — with meaning

    by The Former Sapphist. I had to wait a few days to let it simmer. Otherwise, it would’ve been just the rant of a mad, mad lover. As a batang 80’s (child of the 80’s), I grew up watching Wonder Woman with eyes glued to the TV like it was all the world to me. […]

  • On Cassocks and Conduct and Modernizing the Church

    by The Former Sapphist.   A continuation of a series, until the lewd #metroseminarian poster is removed. It has been about a week since I published my displeasure with the controversial metro seminarian photo. Much has happened since. People were throwing ad hominems from both sides — friends of the seminarians, friends of the laity, friends of […]

  • On Metro Seminarians, Cassocks and Conducts, and Modernizing the Church

    by The Former Sapphist THESE ARE THE KINDS OF STUNTS that give millennials the reputation they have. After a long night of struggling to get some sleep because of the unforgiving heat, I woke up to this photo in my Facebook inbox. Two friends had sent me messages to get my insight on it. I […]

  • Musings on a First Friday mass

    by The Former Sapphist. A transgendered woman who’s well in his 60s sat about five rows in front of me. His broad shoulders, drooping, showed how much weight he carried. In another seat, a man crouched and sobbed like a boy who skinned his knees. He buried his face in his palms while beside him […]