Author: Cristina Montes

  • Raising Future Astronomers: How to Get Your Kids Interested in Astronomy

    Raising Future Astronomers: How to Get Your Kids Interested in Astronomy

    A fellow-amateur astronomer once joked that we amateur astronomers tend to promote our hobby with quasi-religious zeal.  Indeed, when the editor-in-chief of this website suggested that I contribute an article about getting kids interested in astronomy, I enthusiastically agreed, not wanting to waste this opportunity to recruit more people to this hobby that I love. […]

  • A Few Favorite Moms in Movies and Books

    by Cristina Montes It is yet another indicator of how little we appreciate mothers. When we in the Pinay Voices team were asked to list down our favourite mothers from movies and novels, a lot of us needed time to think. But if moms are awesome in real life, there’s no reason they can’t be […]

  • A Time Tested Way of Growing in Wisdom

      by Cristina Montes One common complaint about the millennials is that they resist mentoring. To be fair, it is not a trait exclusive to this generation. Young people of every generation tend to think that the ones before them have nothing valuable and relevant to teach. But mentoring is an age-old way of acquiring […]

  • Tracing and Recording One’s Family History: A Worthwhile Holiday Project

    by Cristina Montes Holidays mean more time with extended family relations whom one sees only this time of year. This makes it an ideal time to work on tracing and recording one’s family history, although there is no reason one cannot embark on this project any other time. I did some initial work on tracing […]

  • Book Review: Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette

    by Cristina Montes My sister is getting married next year. As part of her preparations, she is reading Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette. One Sunday lunch, she shared with us what she learned from the book. Written by the great-great-granddaughters of Emily Post, the authoritative voice on etiquette, the book is advertised at as a […]

  • The Wonders of Snail Mail

    by Cristina Montes Even in this Internet age, I still send snail mail. My attachment to this dying form of communication dates back to my formative years. After having lived in the US for almost five years, my siblings and I had to return to the Philippines ahead of my dad to allow him to […]

  • In Paris with a Broken Camera

      by Cristina Montes Exactly five years ago, at this time of the year, I was counting off days before a trip to Paris with my brother. They say part of the fun of traveling is planning the trip, and this trip was no exception. As I looked forward to the trip, I foresaw that […]

  • Single but Full of Love

    by Cristina Montes Judging by the varying reactions to us women who remain single by choice or by necessity, we are a misunderstood lot. On the one hand, many people cannot believe a normal woman would be happy neither marrying nor dating — hence, the insensitive questions we endure during family reunions; or the well-meaning reassurances that […]

  • Poetry Begins At Home

      by Cristina Montes. My favourite parts of the movie The King Speech are when the character Lionel Logue recites passages from Shakespeare and asks his sons to guess the plays where the passages come from. These parts remind me of the home environment wherein I grew up. While my parents did not do the […]

  • Sago’t Gulaman for Holy Thursday and Other Traditions

      by Cristina Montes. Year after year, our family has been celebrating Holy Week the same way for as long as I can remember. After attending the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday, we have a special dinner and then do the Visita Iglesia, with ice-cold sago’t gulaman waiting for us when we […]