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A call to live Ordinary Time and Advent properly and meaningfully, so that in due time, Christmas can be truly
In an era before Grab and Uber, getting a ride was not as easy a feat. I remember our family
Rather predictably, I cried when my brother doctor told me the news. “Stage 3, Ate,” he said. Then, I expected
I hesitated writing this post for my friend because almost every single discussion I’ve seen or been in online about
A few months ago, while in St. Louis to help care for my Papa who was dying, we attended Mass
Having spent a week in Rome, I’m moved over and over again by my encounters with holy priests. (Yes, they
  Alas-tres ng madaling araw. Maririnig mo nang tumutunog ang celphone/alarm clock mo. Ang sarap pa sana matulog, pero ayaw
A fellow-amateur astronomer once joked that we amateur astronomers tend to promote our hobby with quasi-religious zeal.  Indeed, when the
Everything was going according to plan – or so I thought. At a pretty young age I decided I wanted
In all honesty, I was skeptical about this movie. I’ve seen books like Crazy Rich Asians before. To me, books
  On trembling knees I offer thee my King no price of gold of studded ring no fragrant oil from
A guest post by Alma Alvarez. KAIROS — this is the special time appointed by God. It is the Lord’s IN-THE-MEANTIME, pansamantalang
We’ve been using this character report card sporadically for a while now. We updated it recently so we can use
Opus Dei is a Personal Prelature of the Catholic Church whose aim is sanctity in the middle of the world.
by The Former Sapphist Instead of saying, “That person gets on my nerves, think, that person sanctifies me.” — St. Josemaria Escriva
  My husband and I were one of those Catholic couples who got married not knowing about Natural Family Planning
Tradition holds that Mary was in the midst of prayer when the Archangel Gabriel came with his message. At that
  This past week, I ran across three interesting posts online, from three different Pinays. The first comes from a
by Cristina Montes It is yet another indicator of how little we appreciate mothers. When we in the Pinay Voices
If you’re in a relationship and observe these behaviors constantly in your significant other, beware. It may be a sign
  by Cristina Montes One common complaint about the millennials is that they resist mentoring. To be fair, it is
  by Marcia Miral. I was whipping white frosting for my mom’s birthday cake when I heard my 27-year old
    by Candice Tolentino. Lest you think this is another one of those the-spirit-is-more-important-than-the-body Catholic articles, please read until
  You’ve seen the argument many times: better for parents to divorce than for the children to keep seeing them
Have you heard about Theology of the Body? If you haven’t (or even if you have), you’re in for a
  “Classical relaxed unschooling” sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? But it describes our CURRENT style of homeschooling so well.
A guest post from Marcia Miral. A mother’s heart is a strange thing. It holds a newborn in its arms,
Over the past few weeks, PinayVoices has been hopping because of our posts on divorce. It can be draining. It’s
  by Tina of TrulyRichandBlessed Today, Holy Thursday, marks the beginning of the Easter Triduum. We Catholics consider these days
A guest post from Elizabeth B.   I’m sharing my story because I want people to know there IS hope
Click on the arrow/icon on the upper left of the map, to see a list of the centers.
A guest post. I was able to say all twenty decades of the rosary and I was able to follow
    I’m imperfect and my marriage is likewise imperfect. And because of these imperfections, I recognize that I need
A guest post. I used to be pro divorce bill five years ago because I wanted a divorce too. Annulment
A guest post from Jade Vargas-Pulido.     Today I was Facebook chatting with my Mom. We have been doing
On the Topic of Divorce and Abuse in the Philippines by Candice Tolentino Yep. You read that right! But before
A guest post. Image: Todd CravensIf you are a distributor of food supplements, especially those expensive kinds, please be careful about
  by The Rambling Catholic “Law came in, to increase the trespass; but where sin increased, grace abounded all the
A guest post from Michelle Siaotong Llaban. My deepest desire this year is to be closer to God, be at
  If there’s any piece of advice I’m taking myself this year and giving to others, it would be this:
Part 1 is here. Time to talk about materials. I used to buy a new planner every year, often trying
by The Former Sapphist This morning, I woke up to a message calling my attention to this article by John
by The Former Sapphist “Hear the other side.” — St. Augustine Dear Catholic gay/lesbian, I shared the same sentiments you have, when
There is no Christmas tree. There is no creche. There is no Advent wreath on the table, nor St. Nicks
  A guest post from Laika Pantaleon. I wrote this status some time ago after we attended the LGU’s pre-marriage
An Advent Rambling by Candice Tolentino Are you humble? Do you want to be? Then this article is for you! I
by Cristina Montes Holidays mean more time with extended family relations whom one sees only this time of year. This
Organization is such a personal thing, I hesitated quite a bit before writing this. If you knew me in person,
by Cristina Montes My sister is getting married next year. As part of her preparations, she is reading Emily Post’s
Listen up, ladies. At the request of a friend, I’m writing this article to call your attention to the worst
  by The Former Sapphist. I seem to have a knack for attracting habitual late-comers. While I am also, on
Last week, Alyssa Milano reignited a decade-old campaign to raise awareness of the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault. Her
  One of my favorite quotes about reading is Ray Bradbury’s “You don’t have to burn books to destroy a
by Candice Tolentino Last week we were asked to give a talk about “Strengthening the Christian Families” which means we
When I first got on Instagram, a friend dutifully warned me that it was the place for shallow people, mostly
by Cristina Montes Even in this Internet age, I still send snail mail. My attachment to this dying form of
One of the reasons I love cooking so much is that it’s often meditative for me. Peeling, chopping, mincing, crushing,
By May A by May A. The Survey of Marital Generosity ( was published in 2011 and was a summary
by Candice Tolentino When I was an expat in Cincinnati 11 years ago, I met this weird family. They were
  In Part 1, I talked about “my process” for designing my child’s homeschooling curriculum. Because we’ve been homeschooling for
  by Cristina Montes Exactly five years ago, at this time of the year, I was counting off days before
  First of all, YES. Nadine Lustre and James Reid are adults and they can make their own decisions. But
Youth is wasted on the young — George Bernard Shaw by The Former Sapphist This is not the first time I’ve come
by Anna Cosio Yesterday, I stumbled upon the news about local actress Nadine Lustre addressing circulating rumors that she was
It’s that time of year — the most exciting, for every DIY homeschooler mom!! It’s curriculum-designing time. We’ve been homeschooling for ~18
  A recent discussion with a loved one set me thinking. He asks, why read the Old Testament? It’s supposedly
by The Former Sapphist. I had to wait a few days to let it simmer. Otherwise, it would’ve been just
Just to be clear right off the bat, I’m not leaving Facebook, not yet anyway. I’ve finally found a good
by The Former Sapphist.   A continuation of a series, until the lewd #metroseminarian poster is removed. It has been
I wish I were clever and resourceful enough to come up with a commercial similar to the one below, to
by The Former Sapphist THESE ARE THE KINDS OF STUNTS that give millennials the reputation they have. After a long
by Cristina Montes Judging by the varying reactions to us women who remain single by choice or by necessity, we
    by The Rambling Catholic. Dark clouds blanketed the sky as a tiny boat traversed over the great waters.
Despite maintaining a fairly public profile, I don’t like writing about personal stuff, especially about current issues that we are
by The Former Sapphist. A transgendered woman who’s well in his 60s sat about five rows in front of me.
  by The Former Sapphist. It’s been a good 18 months since I renounced homosexuality. For someone who had exhibited
A guest post from Sheryl Ebarvia Coronel. Dear all, if you’re looking for Catholic podcasts to deepen your knowledge of
  by Sigrid Perez. I love doing house chores! That may sound weird since house chores are always associated with
  by Cristina Montes. My favourite parts of the movie The King Speech are when the character Lionel Logue recites
  by The Rambling Catholic As an agnostic revert, I found it difficult at first to understand Scriptures. My primary
Two things: a story on how I fell in love with baking and a simple recipe for delicious banana bread.
There are three days within the year when, instead of praying the Gloria/Glory be, we substitute another vocal prayer more
  The gospel reading on Holy Wednesday is about Judas’ betrayal and subsequent despair and suicide. The Bible and homilies
  by Cristina Montes. Year after year, our family has been celebrating Holy Week the same way for as long
by Tina of #TrulyRichandBlessed It’s already Holy Week here in the Philippines and many Filipino families are already gearing up
  by Cristina Montes. While I was living in Pamplona in Spain, I shared a flat with two other women:
  by The Rambling Catholic. One only needs to drive around big cities like Manila and see billboards of half-dressed
  A guest post. Let me tell you a side story of my life… As a child around five or
by Dana Altura To be honest, it feels like it was only yesterday that I was greeted by the best
A guest post.   A guest post.   This was a letter I wrote for my daughter’s career guidance portfolio
Graphic by Anna Cosio. Why Marriage Is A Covenant, Not Just A Contract “When God makes a covenant with us,
Today marks the end of National Woman’s Month. For the past 30 days I’ve been musing about what being a
by Joy Antonio My reproductive system reproduces. Say whaaaaaaat? My reproductive system, given the right conditions, reproduces the species amazingly.
by Deanne B. Dimacali It’s a hackneyed idea we all too often fall for: that marriage means being whisked away
Money Mistakes and Finding Freedom   by Candice Tolentino. Shortly after getting married, I was given the rare opportunity to
Behind NASA’s great achievements in the Space Race are the unrecognized contributions of the West Computers, a group of African-American
by Kate Garbino. Imagine that you had saved enough money to go travel on your own. And let’s just say