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  • Road to forever: Her Story

    by Dana Altura To be honest, it feels like it was only yesterday that I was greeted by the best surprise of my life: my boyfriend got down on his knees and asked me to marry him. He also got the best response: “Yeah duh!” I have always daydreamed how I would answer “that” question, […]

  • Letter to My Daughter on Her Graduation

    A guest post.   A guest post.   This was a letter I wrote for my daughter’s career guidance portfolio when she graduated from high school several years back. The school had asked us to write a letter, and because they kept it I’ve done my best to recreate the original here, to recapture my […]

  • Marriage: Contract vs. Covenant

    Graphic by Anna Cosio. Why Marriage Is A Covenant, Not Just A Contract “When God makes a covenant with us, God says: ‘I will love you with an everlasting love. I will be faithful to you, even when you run away from me, reject me, or betray me.’ In our society we don’t speak much […]

  • Considering Beauty in 2017

    Today marks the end of National Woman’s Month. For the past 30 days I’ve been musing about what being a Catholic woman means in 2017, and my wanderings led me… to beauty. I found it rather striking that all three of our most recent popes have been impacted by Dostoevsky, and particularly that quote from […]

  • A different mindset on reproductive health

    by Joy Antonio My reproductive system reproduces. Say whaaaaaaat? My reproductive system, given the right conditions, reproduces the species amazingly. I can prove it! Proof #1: That’s my first offspring, a female. Here’s proof #2: That’s our second, a male this time. He’s punching the man who’s half-responsible for this reproduction thing. Aiming for health So… what’s all […]

  • From Fairytale Romance to Passionate Service

    by Deanne B. Dimacali It’s a hackneyed idea we all too often fall for: that marriage means being whisked away into the sunset, whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears, and looking enchanting forever and ever and ever. It’s why we women can’t help but squeal with delight when the diamond ring slips into our […]

  • Money Mistakes and Finding Freedom

    Money Mistakes and Finding Freedom   by Candice Tolentino. Shortly after getting married, I was given the rare opportunity to work as an expatriate in the U.S. for three years. There was a generous benefits package that came along with it. Plus, I can bring my husband and my daughter, all expenses paid. And so […]

  • Hidden Figures: A Girl Power Movie with a Heart

    Behind NASA’s great achievements in the Space Race are the unrecognized contributions of the West Computers, a group of African-American women who toiled on the mathematical computations that made the important missions possible. The movie Hidden Figures tells the story of three of them: Katherine Johnson (played by Taraji Henson), a genius who calculated the […]

  • Let’s Meet in Barcelona

    by Kate Garbino. Imagine that you had saved enough money to go travel on your own. And let’s just say that you decided to go to Barcelona. You get out of that cheap hotel lobby, with your summer attire, and you proceed to explore the majestic place. You then decided to go to a small […]

  • In silence she treads