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  • Catholic Podcasts to Deepen Your Knowledge of Our Faith

    A guest post from Sheryl Ebarvia Coronel. Dear all, if you’re looking for Catholic podcasts to deepen your knowledge of the things of our Christian faith, here’s a list of my favorites. Look for them in iTunes. Podcasts: 1. The Terry and Jesse Show 2. Institute of Catholic Culture 3. The Taylor Marshall Show 4. […]

  • Teaching Your Kids How to Love House Chores

      by Sigrid Perez. I love doing house chores! That may sound weird since house chores are always associated with boring, manual work. But when I took a moment to reflect on why I felt this way, I realized it’s probably because I had observed my Mother lovingly do the house chores at home. I […]

  • Poetry Begins At Home

      by Cristina Montes. My favourite parts of the movie The King Speech are when the character Lionel Logue recites passages from Shakespeare and asks his sons to guess the plays where the passages come from. These parts remind me of the home environment wherein I grew up. While my parents did not do the […]

  • A Ladder to Heaven: Lectio Divina

      by The Rambling Catholic As an agnostic revert, I found it difficult at first to understand Scriptures. My primary mistake, perhaps, when I was younger, was reading the Bible literally as I would a newspaper. I thought it was just a trivial read and, yes, once in my existence, I also thought Jesus was […]

  • Finding Joy In The Kitchen

    Two things: a story on how I fell in love with baking and a simple recipe for delicious banana bread. By Deanne Bañares-Dimacali I have a passionate sweet tooth. Ever since I was a little girl, my eyes would be filled with delight whenever my mom would bake pastries, bring home cakes, and try out […]

  • Instead of Glory Be…

    There are three days within the year when, instead of praying the Gloria/Glory be, we substitute another vocal prayer more in keeping with the season. On Holy Thursday: V. Christus factus est pro nobis. R. Obœdiens usque ad mortem. V. Christ became obedient for us. R. Obedient unto death. Altar of Repose, Holy Thursday Vigil […]

  • Depression, Suicide in the light of Judas’ Betrayal, Despair & Suicide

      The gospel reading on Holy Wednesday is about Judas’ betrayal and subsequent despair and suicide. The Bible and homilies of clergy past and present are grace-and-Spirit-filled, and thus, of great help to one’s growth and development. But let me share this from the point of view of psychotherapy or psychology. According to Whiston, S. […]

  • Sago’t Gulaman for Holy Thursday and Other Traditions

      by Cristina Montes. Year after year, our family has been celebrating Holy Week the same way for as long as I can remember. After attending the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday, we have a special dinner and then do the Visita Iglesia, with ice-cold sago’t gulaman waiting for us when we […]

  • Easy Easter Gift Ideas for Filipino Kids

    by Tina of #TrulyRichandBlessed It’s already Holy Week here in the Philippines and many Filipino families are already gearing up for the days ahead. As I previously wrote in one of my articles for, it is my hope that people will not only take time to rest during Holy Week but also make it […]

  • Female Friendships Sans Drama

      by Cristina Montes. While I was living in Pamplona in Spain, I shared a flat with two other women: Raquel, a Spaniard; and Rosario, a Chilean. At first, I was worried that the set-up would not work. I wondered: can three women of three different cultures live harmoniously together in a small space? My […]

  • On the Concept of Human Dignity

      by The Rambling Catholic. One only needs to drive around big cities like Manila and see billboards of half-dressed men and women to get an idea on how secular society views the human person. You go home, turn on your TV, and you’re greeted by the same degenerate garbage shrugged off by many as […]

  • Rising from the Depths of Pornography

      A guest post. Let me tell you a side story of my life… As a child around five or six years of age, I was inadvertently exposed to visual pornography by careless adults — including my alcoholic father, who watched videos thinking I was already fast asleep on the couch — or who left their magazines just lying […]