Catholic Podcasts to Deepen Your Knowledge of Our Faith

A guest post from Sheryl Ebarvia Coronel.

Dear all, if you’re looking for Catholic podcasts to deepen your knowledge of the things of our Christian faith, here’s a list of my favorites. Look for them in iTunes.


1. The Terry and Jesse Show

2. Institute of Catholic Culture

3. The Taylor Marshall Show

4. Catholic Homilies by Fr. Linus Clovis

5. Good Catholic Sermons by Mons. Charles Pope

6. Catholic Classics Podcast

7. St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

8. Peter Kreeft

9. Deep in Scripture Radio by Marcus Grodi

10. Padre Peregrino

11. Catholic Answers Live

12. Audio Sancto Catholic Sermons

13. Catholic Ignatian Marian Spirituality

14. The Saint Cast — Catholic Saints on Call

15. Catholic Inspiration

16. Radio Maria — Catechism of the Catholic Church

17. Catholic Coach

18. The Crusade Channel with Mike Church

19. Mother Angelica Classics (this one should be up in the list)

20. Sunday Night Prime with Fr. Andrew Apostoli

21. Open Line with Fr. Mitch Pacwa

22. Catholic Answers Live

23. Jimmy Akin






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