Cohabiting and the Worn Out Moral Fiber of the Youth

Youth is wasted on the young — George Bernard Shaw

Image: Anthony Delanoix
by The Former Sapphist

This is not the first time I’ve come across millennials who, by some unfortunate fate that they should be born in this time and place, have stood their ground on what they perceive to be natural, normal, and acceptable, for the simple reason that it is the dawning of a new age.

Efforts to call people to the rudiments of the Word and the Mother Church’s moral structures are now perceived as ‘meddling with people’s lives’, when defenders of the faith have in their hearts the moral conviction to fight for the faith and the Church.

A recent post about a famous female matinee idol, Nadine Lustre, on her half-hearted admission (or denial) that she is currently cohabiting with loveteam-mate James Reid, has caused much stir on cyberspace. Remember that her teleserye was once called out by the MTRCB for bordering on soft porn, while it was aired on primetime Philippine TV, when younger kids are likely watching.

With the recent outbursts about Nadine’s stance on cohabiting, there is a lot to unpack, on both sides of the issue, hence we cannot dismiss it as merely an actor’s personal choice.

Public Figure

As a xennial (I’m not comfortable using this word, but for purposes of discussion) I am weary of hoping to see who might be a good role model for the young as far as public figures are concerned. Let’s face it. A good role model in the form of a gospel singer does not sell as many albums as a sexually explicit rap music and seductive artist does.

Interestingly enough, direct communication with today’s youth on steamy and trending issues has given me an immensely harrowed look on what this generation is gearing itself up for in the future, as far as family, chastity, sexual health, and social norms are concerned. Twisted arguments left and right that are solely based on corrupted morals are vehemently fought and defended by the youth who will be our future mothers, fathers, priests, nuns, leaders and nation-builders.

People have now succumbed ever so comfortably to the conveniences of cohabiting, that they have forgotten this means major impacts for their current families, would-be family and their peers. ‘Fornication is a sin’ has become an obsolete value, as defended by such fanatics of modern-day living and sexual liberation.

What I find off-setting is the fact that Nadine Lustre did not have the discretion to at least keep mum about her own private life and choices, so as not to have any further impact on her audiences of varied ages. It is a known fact that people have been cohabiting since the 80’s. But to have someone blatantly defend how “normal” it is because of the day and age sends out a signal that it is indeed, OK. Go on, you may do as I do because it’s the norm! Come on.

Be open-minded

The power and problem with open-mindedness is that it invites someone to at least step out of their current reality or moral values and have a look-see on the other side. Have a taste. Tempting, isn’t it? Give it a try. Come on. This is also how the serpent tempted Eve.

Such is the same principle that has caused the booming industry of brothels in the UK, where they have life-like sex dolls in place of human prostitutes. Open your mind, at least they don’t have souls or diseases to worry about. In Japan, a rubber sex doll had replaced his wife and shares the same bedroom with the couple because, open your mind, at least she’s not a real living mistress and the father stays home.

Our very own Charice Pempengco has now embraced being a trans-man and foresees being an inspiration to other transgendered people to have courage and do the same. Open your mind and mutilate your body. It is your body. You own it. Do with as you please. It should be nobody’s business, like cohabiting.

If you feel that I am veering away from the topic, then please, have a closer analysis. The topic here is how the youth is lacking in wise discernment and graceful filtering of social media inputs before drinking it all in.

In my previous blog where seminarians posed maliciously to emulate the metro challenge poster while dressed in a cassock, I was also told to be open-minded and simply take it with a grain of salt. You see how being open-minded can actually numb one’s capacity to reason?

In Texas, USA, it is legal for a person to marry his beloved motorcycle, a roller coaster or a tree. Open your mind. They are not stealing or killing people in broad daylight. And yes, they do have sex with their ‘spouses’. In a country and state that recognizes objective sexuality because of it’s open-mindedness and tolerance for an illusion of peace and respect for personal choices, having sex with a tree is ‘normal’.

It is worrisome that the decline in morals is now rampant among the youth. Atheism has risen even among students of Catholic schools. Occult practices has become the ‘in thing’ among pre-teens, thanks to Harry Potter. Just last night, a fan of Lady Gaga argued with me that just because she’s an Illuminati and she defends or enjoys her music, it does not make her a Satanist, when defending that which is of Satan forges an alliance with him. Ever the beguiling tactic of the enemy are half-hearted truths and inconsistent statements.

There is more to this story than meets the eye. Next, I will discuss the nuances of blind fanaticism and how it leads to idolatry.



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