Divine Providence and Taxis: No Wish is Too Small

In an era before Grab and Uber, getting a ride was not as easy a feat.

I remember our family driver getting into an accident along EDSA, near Mama Mary’s shrine. Heading south to law school, I was worried that I’d be late. I had no choice but to cross the busy highway to San Juan. But even then, I didn’t know how I’d get to school in time for class. A thoroughfare as busy as this wouldn’t have any empty taxis! It would be a waste of fuel!

As I walked along EDSA, a small voice in in my head told me to pray for a taxi. “Pray for a taxi?,” I thought, “God has more important things to deal with than my ride to school. I don’t want to bother Him with my silly requests.” But the voice persisted, “Pray for a taxi.” Finally I gave in and prayed to God for a taxi. A few seconds later an empty taxi pulled up in front of me! I hopped on and got to class exactly on time!

Many times we underestimate God’s love for us. We think that we are too small and unimportant to merit His care and compassion. What are our trivial needs compared those suffering so much more? Who are we sinners to demand His love and attention when there are saints and holy people who deserve it more?

But that is precisely what makes God’s love so wonderful! No one and no situation is too small for His love to permeate. Even the hairs on our head are counted. He knows us more deeply than we know ourselves. Nothing that concerns or worries us is ever too insignificant for the God who loves us. Like a great little saint once said, “Small deeds with great love.” And there is no one who exemplifies this better than our heavenly Father Himself.





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  1. Marcia Miral Avatar
    Marcia Miral

    So true! If our Lord wants us to sanctify our lives through the little ordinary events, surely we will feel His presence right there. Do you also pray for a parking space? I do 🙂

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