Intentional Prayer Time

A guest post from Michelle Siaotong Llaban.

My deepest desire this year is to be closer to God, be at the highest state of grace possible and always fill my days with thoughts of the Lord.

I wake up 6am daily to bring the kids to school, after that would be hundreds of errands, work and chores to do. I often times miss to pray intentionally.

My self imposed rule:

I will not use my mobile and my laptop until I have done my prayer time in the morning.

So far, it has been so good and daily I look forward to praying.

My prayertime essentials:

  1. In His Steps
    For daily readings and sharing

Available from Ablaze Communications

2. Bible Reading

I reflect more in the scripture, I mark and dirty my Bible writing short notes of reflection


3. Beloved Prayer Journal

There are activities indicated in the journal for me to follow. Really exciting

From Motto Pressroom


4. God’s Love Letter Journal

This is where I write the daily messages of the Lord for me thru letters ❤️

Journal from National Bookstore

5. Marian Consecration Prayer

Daily we consecrate our family to God thru Mary


From Catholic Resources PH


6. Prayer for God’s Abundance

This prayer was a gift from my Mommy Nina Ponte. It’s a very powerful prayer.


7. Better than Jewels Devotional

I am reading this now and very powerful. I love the weekly activities too.

Available in OMF, National Bookstore, Fully Booked


8. Song for the day

I listen and reflect on a worship or secular song that can be related to God’s immense love

Oh if I could only spend the whole day just praying ❤️

Although my life and career coach Kirby Sievert Llaban said in our date last night — Work must be Holy too. We must find God in everything we do daily.

Thank you God for your graces!

What about you, what are your prayertime essentials?






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