Letter to My Daughter on Her Graduation

A guest post.


A guest post.


This was a letter I wrote for my daughter’s career guidance portfolio when she graduated from high school several years back. The school had asked us to write a letter, and because they kept it I’ve done my best to recreate the original here, to recapture my state of hesitant, anxious, yet excited anticipation of what college education may bring to my daughter’s life, perhaps to impart and share my sentiments and thoughts with kindred spirits.

February, 2011
At home

Dear Ate Anrei,

First of all I am glad that your school intends to include our input in your career guidance program. It is a joy to see you searching for information about the course Psychology, about the schools which are offering it, about their tuition fees, facilities, teachers, number of enrollments, number of successful graduates, etc., pertaining to your chosen course. I am especially grateful that your school sees the importance of parental input regarding their children’s choice of college courses (seeing that the parents are the ones paying for it I guess!). 🙂

I have seen your effort. I am so happy to know that you are a diligent student and a good daughter. I know that whatever course you may have chosen, you have thought it out, and weighed all the pros and cons. One thing I ask, however, is that you make a decision not so much because you have liked and decided, this is it, not even because we, your parents liked it and wanted it to be your choice.

No, I hope and even pray that you choose or you decide because it is the will of God for you. And this I ask for you to apply not only to the process of choosing a college course, but in every decision you may have to make in your life.

Also, may I put this here as well, because I reckon perhaps in college you will come across people and friends who have or are adapting ideologies different from what you have and from what we, your parents, and the school have instilled in you. Even if other people will scorn and belittle you, I hope and pray that you will be true to your faith in God, to yourself and to standing up for what we your parents and school have taught. I hope and pray that you will be firm in saying no to whatever wrong choices and wrong behaviors a supposedly good college education may have in store for you. I hope and pray that you will continue to shun wrongdoing, to do good if not better, and to strive for excellence or to achieve the best you can be.

And if (God forbid), there will be some mistakes and errors you make along the way, I hope and pray that you will grant forgiveness to yourself, to whoever, and whatever hurts you, remembering that all pains and hurts can heal in God’s time; and that we, your parents love you very much and nothing can change that. No, no mistake or error on your part can change our love for you. I hope that this love will enable you then to become what God wills you to be.

So continue, Ate, to achieve your goals, and make your dreams come true. And always remember that no matter what happens, God loves you. Your brothers love you. Papa and I love you very much as always and will remain

Always loving you,

Mama Annie(& Papa Rey)


Our daughter is now 22 years and 10/12 months old. She graduated Cum Laude in Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of San Carlos-Cebu. Right now she’s a licensed Psychometrician. She is taking her graduate studies (Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology) at the same university. At present, she’s working part time as online English teacher.





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