On Divorce and/or Marriage Dissolution


Image: Alvin Mahmudov


I’m imperfect and my marriage is likewise imperfect. And because of these imperfections, I recognize that I need help in my day-to-day decision-making. That’s why I always turn to God to give me the grace to critically think first before I make any decision.

I pray that God may grant me the grace to withstand the pervading, modern, self-righteous notion that men and women can make their marriage successful by hopping from one marriage to another if there seems to be a problem without resolving the issue first, thus bringing the problem from this marriage to another, the result of which is that the children become the victims of the adults’ irresponsible choices.

Likewise, there are those whose initial discernment and decisions in getting married are faulty because those decisions are not well-thought out or well reflected upon. The decision-making process then is somewhat problematic — and the end result is an unsuccessful marriage. But I can’t understand why just because one has an unsuccessful marriage because of a problematic decision or choice, one would want the state or the government to make decisions for them — and clamor for a divorce or marriage dissolution law.

Could the problem be that one cannot understand the notion that God in His goodness gives men and women free will to make or break one’s life, in whatever state one chooses for her or himself for good, by His grace? Could the problem be that one just wants to give in to desires incompatible with normative conscience or a morally upright lifestyle?






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