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  • A Mother’s Heart is a Strange Thing

    A guest post from Marcia Miral. A mother’s heart is a strange thing. It holds a newborn in its arms, and it comes close to bursting from all the love it discovers it can hold. The newborn grows, tentatively exerts its limbs, and finds out that they are frail. The mother’s heart comes close to […]

  • Cultivating the Habit of Reading in Your Children

      One of my favorite quotes about reading is Ray Bradbury’s “You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.” We want to raise children who read because we know that reading opens doors for a child. A child who loves reading can entertain himself for hours […]

  • Raising Catholic Kids: An Observation

    by Candice Tolentino Last week we were asked to give a talk about “Strengthening the Christian Families” which means we needed to talk about raising Catholic kids. They might as well have asked us to perform a brain surgery. We didn’t have a clue. Well, maybe we did. But it’s not because we have results […]