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  • Warning Behaviors To Watch Out For In A Relationship

    If you’re in a relationship and observe these behaviors constantly in your significant other, beware. It may be a sign this is not the spouse you’re looking for. It should go without saying, but if you’re planning on marriage, it’s best that you have enough time to get to know each other well. Some of […]

  • A Time Tested Way of Growing in Wisdom

      by Cristina Montes One common complaint about the millennials is that they resist mentoring. To be fair, it is not a trait exclusive to this generation. Young people of every generation tend to think that the ones before them have nothing valuable and relevant to teach. But mentoring is an age-old way of acquiring […]

  • The Worst Dating Advice and How To Respond to Them

    Listen up, ladies. At the request of a friend, I’m writing this article to call your attention to the worst dating advice ever given. Advice recipients, you now have a come back. Advice givers, take heed. If you’re too good (e.g., pious, does not tell nor laugh at green jokes etc.) you won’t find anyone. So […]

  • Let’s Meet in Barcelona

    by Kate Garbino. Imagine that you had saved enough money to go travel on your own. And let’s just say that you decided to go to Barcelona. You get out of that cheap hotel lobby, with your summer attire, and you proceed to explore the majestic place. You then decided to go to a small […]