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  • Revisiting the HP Dilemma: What’s A Parent to Do?

    Revisiting the HP Dilemma: What’s A Parent to Do?

    I hesitated writing this post for my friend because almost every single discussion I’ve seen or been in online about HP eventually devolved into personal attacks. There are good arguments on both sides of the divide, so it pays to evaluate both and decide what approach you want for your family. The Choice You Need […]

  • Raising Future Astronomers: How to Get Your Kids Interested in Astronomy

    Raising Future Astronomers: How to Get Your Kids Interested in Astronomy

    A fellow-amateur astronomer once joked that we amateur astronomers tend to promote our hobby with quasi-religious zeal.  Indeed, when the editor-in-chief of this website suggested that I contribute an article about getting kids interested in astronomy, I enthusiastically agreed, not wanting to waste this opportunity to recruit more people to this hobby that I love. […]

  • A Character Report Card for Catholic Homeschoolers

    We’ve been using this character report card sporadically for a while now. We updated it recently so we can use it with the 9-year-old who needs this kind of guidance and self-monitoring at this time. So I thought I’d share with other homeschoolers who might be able to use it in their homeschool. You can […]

  • A Children’s Book on the Dignity of the Body: an Interview with Nica Katigbak

    Have you heard about Theology of the Body? If you haven’t (or even if you have), you’re in for a treat. PinayVoices recently caught up with author and illustrator Nica Katigbak, who wrote a TOB book for children! Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself, Nica? I’m Nica Katigbak. I graduated from De […]

  • “Do The Next Thing”: A Curriculum

      “Classical relaxed unschooling” sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? But it describes our CURRENT style of homeschooling so well. Notice I said CURRENT; I’m not the same homeschooler I used to be when we got started 18+ years ago. My homeschooling philosophy has evolved through the years. In the beginning I naturally gravitated toward […]

  • Cultivating the Habit of Reading in Your Children

      One of my favorite quotes about reading is Ray Bradbury’s “You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.” We want to raise children who read because we know that reading opens doors for a child. A child who loves reading can entertain himself for hours […]

  • Heaven and Homeschooling

    by Candice Tolentino When I was an expat in Cincinnati 11 years ago, I met this weird family. They were homeschooling. I mean, would their kids even get a decent job if they didn’t learn from a school? And how would they get accepted in university? And gasp! How will their kids socialize? I thought […]

  • How to DIY Your Child’s Homeschooling Curriculum Part 2: BOOKS!

      In Part 1, I talked about “my process” for designing my child’s homeschooling curriculum. Because we’ve been homeschooling for roughly 18 years now, my go-to resources will look a little different from a new homeschooler’s, so if you’re new to this, don’t worry. You’ll build up your own arsenal as you go along, gathering […]

  • How to DIY Your Child’s Homeschooling Curriculum

    It’s that time of year — the most exciting, for every DIY homeschooler mom!! It’s curriculum-designing time. We’ve been homeschooling for ~18 years so I’m way more confident now than I was years ago when I first tried to do this. Back then, I was always petrified of picking the wrong book or resource and — horrors!!! — permanently damaging my […]

  • Teaching Your Kids How to Love House Chores

      by Sigrid Perez. I love doing house chores! That may sound weird since house chores are always associated with boring, manual work. But when I took a moment to reflect on why I felt this way, I realized it’s probably because I had observed my Mother lovingly do the house chores at home. I […]