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  • Musings on My Stinky Veil

    Musings on My Stinky Veil

    A few months ago, while in St. Louis to help care for my Papa who was dying, we attended Mass at a church we hadn’t been to before. Like our kids, we love visiting different churches whenever we are out of town. I realized belatedly that I had left my black veil back home in […]

  • The Presentation

    The Presentation

  • An Open Letter to Priests at a Time of Scandal in the Church

    An Open Letter to Priests at a Time of Scandal in the Church

    Having spent a week in Rome, I’m moved over and over again by my encounters with holy priests. (Yes, they exist!) To all my priest friends whom I look up to as fathers and older brothers, please know there is someone who prays for you specially – little me. I have no words to tell […]

  • Isang Araw sa Buhay ng Isang Musikera ng Simbahan

    Isang Araw sa Buhay ng Isang Musikera ng Simbahan

    Alas-tres ng madaling araw. Maririnig mo nang tumutunog ang celphone/alarm clock mo. Ang sarap pa sana matulog, pero ayaw mong ma-late ulit. Bumangon ka at nanalangin na bigyan ka ng lakas para sa araw na ito ng Panginoon. Naligo pero hindi na muna kumain bilang paghahanda sa Misa at Komunyon. Madalas, problema ang pagpunta sa […]

  • Blessed and Beautiful

    A guest post by Alma Alvarez. KAIROS — this is the special time appointed by God. It is the Lord’s IN-THE-MEANTIME, pansamantalang panahon kung saan kahit hindi natin nakikita, may ginagawa Sya sa buhay natin. That is where I am right now.   I believe that my present state of life is where the Lord wants me […]

  • How to Trust Like Mary

    Tradition holds that Mary was in the midst of prayer when the Archangel Gabriel came with his message. At that moment, her mind, her soul, her heart, her very body, was prepared to receive. “Hail, full of grace,” he greeted her. It was her life of prayer that gave her the humility to listen, to […]

  • Of Suffering, Safety Nets and Kings

    Over the past few weeks, PinayVoices has been hopping because of our posts on divorce. It can be draining. It’s exhausting to talk to unhappy women who, blinded by anger, can’t get past their own view of things to hear what others are saying. Misunderstanding is a given. I wasn’t surprised, but what bothered me […]

  • Learning To Love Each Other Again

    A guest post. I used to be pro divorce bill five years ago because I wanted a divorce too. Annulment seemed hard because there seemed to be no grounds for our marriage to be annulled. We had marital problems like all married couples do. Five years ago, there was not a single day hubby and […]

  • Raising Catholic Kids: An Observation

    by Candice Tolentino Last week we were asked to give a talk about “Strengthening the Christian Families” which means we needed to talk about raising Catholic kids. They might as well have asked us to perform a brain surgery. We didn’t have a clue. Well, maybe we did. But it’s not because we have results […]

  • Birthing A (Firstborn) Adult

    Despite maintaining a fairly public profile, I don’t like writing about personal stuff, especially about current issues that we are dealing with in our family, because I do believe some things are just meant to be private and kept among the persons directly involved. I am making an exception today, however, because the past three […]