Tag: Friendship

  • A Time Tested Way of Growing in Wisdom

      by Cristina Montes One common complaint about the millennials is that they resist mentoring. To be fair, it is not a trait exclusive to this generation. Young people of every generation tend to think that the ones before them have nothing valuable and relevant to teach. But mentoring is an age-old way of acquiring […]

  • The Wonders of Snail Mail

    by Cristina Montes Even in this Internet age, I still send snail mail. My attachment to this dying form of communication dates back to my formative years. After having lived in the US for almost five years, my siblings and I had to return to the Philippines ahead of my dad to allow him to […]

  • Female Friendships Sans Drama

      by Cristina Montes. While I was living in Pamplona in Spain, I shared a flat with two other women: Raquel, a Spaniard; and Rosario, a Chilean. At first, I was worried that the set-up would not work. I wondered: can three women of three different cultures live harmoniously together in a small space? My […]