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  • Further Along The Road Less Touched

    by The Former Sapphist Instead of saying, “That person gets on my nerves, think, that person sanctifies me.” — St. Josemaria Escriva   A couple of years ago, Pride month would have been a month-long feeling of excitement, of intense feelings of liberation, and gender-equated ambition. This is not the case now, since renouncing the lifestyle. This […]

  • A Mother’s Heart is a Strange Thing

    A guest post from Marcia Miral. A mother’s heart is a strange thing. It holds a newborn in its arms, and it comes close to bursting from all the love it discovers it can hold. The newborn grows, tentatively exerts its limbs, and finds out that they are frail. The mother’s heart comes close to […]

  • The Worst Dating Advice and How To Respond to Them

    Listen up, ladies. At the request of a friend, I’m writing this article to call your attention to the worst dating advice ever given. Advice recipients, you now have a come back. Advice givers, take heed. If you’re too good (e.g., pious, does not tell nor laugh at green jokes etc.) you won’t find anyone. So […]

  • Marriage: Contract vs. Covenant

    Graphic by Anna Cosio. Why Marriage Is A Covenant, Not Just A Contract “When God makes a covenant with us, God says: ‘I will love you with an everlasting love. I will be faithful to you, even when you run away from me, reject me, or betray me.’ In our society we don’t speak much […]

  • From Fairytale Romance to Passionate Service

    by Deanne B. Dimacali It’s a hackneyed idea we all too often fall for: that marriage means being whisked away into the sunset, whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears, and looking enchanting forever and ever and ever. It’s why we women can’t help but squeal with delight when the diamond ring slips into our […]

  • Let’s Meet in Barcelona

    by Kate Garbino. Imagine that you had saved enough money to go travel on your own. And let’s just say that you decided to go to Barcelona. You get out of that cheap hotel lobby, with your summer attire, and you proceed to explore the majestic place. You then decided to go to a small […]