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  • Wala na Pong Spare Parts

      by Marcia Miral. I was whipping white frosting for my mom’s birthday cake when I heard my 27-year old hand mixer grumble, whine, and gasp before succumbing to a permanent state of disutility. I mourned its passing. It was the very first appliance that I bought as a young bride who saved cents from […]

  • Hope After Abuse

    A guest post from Elizabeth B.   I’m sharing my story because I want people to know there IS hope beyond abandonment, and it’s not going to come from divorce. I’ve done both Church and civil annulment. I previously filed Concubinage and Violence Against Women and Children against the ex, after nine years. ‘Kala ko […]

  • Counseling Centers and Shelters for Women in Crisis, Maternity Homes

    Counseling Centers and Shelters for Women in Crisis, Maternity Homes

    Click on the arrow/icon on the upper left of the map, to see a list of the centers.

  • Marry Someone Who Isn’t There To Be Satisfied

    On the Topic of Divorce and Abuse in the Philippines by Candice Tolentino Yep. You read that right! But before accusing me of being a masochist, let me explain. Below are the truths I wish I had heard from my Pre-Cana before diving into marriage, or at least re-affirmed with unrelenting passion. 1. Pleasure is […]

  • Health Claims and Seniors

    A guest post. Image: Todd Cravens If you are a distributor of food supplements, especially those expensive kinds, please be careful about your claims. Food supplements are not BFAD approved because it’s called food, right? I know this because I used to be a distributor of many different brands. All there are are stories or testimonies […]

  • Abstinence or Chastity Education and the Prevention of HIV/AIDS

    My friend AJ posted this: My other friend Dr. Ryan Borja Capitulo (an OB-Gyn) commented this: Here’s what’s going on. The studies that say abstinence education does not work, if you look more closely, are usually funded/controlled/conducted by those who DO NOT WANT abstinence education taught in schools. So doon pa lang, meron nang confirmation […]

  • The Worst Dating Advice and How To Respond to Them

    Listen up, ladies. At the request of a friend, I’m writing this article to call your attention to the worst dating advice ever given. Advice recipients, you now have a come back. Advice givers, take heed. If you’re too good (e.g., pious, does not tell nor laugh at green jokes etc.) you won’t find anyone. So […]

  • Sago’t Gulaman for Holy Thursday and Other Traditions

      by Cristina Montes. Year after year, our family has been celebrating Holy Week the same way for as long as I can remember. After attending the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday, we have a special dinner and then do the Visita Iglesia, with ice-cold sago’t gulaman waiting for us when we […]