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  • In Paris with a Broken Camera

      by Cristina Montes Exactly five years ago, at this time of the year, I was counting off days before a trip to Paris with my brother. They say part of the fun of traveling is planning the trip, and this trip was no exception. As I looked forward to the trip, I foresaw that […]

  • Ten Reasons to Leave Facebook in 2017

    Just to be clear right off the bat, I’m not leaving Facebook, not yet anyway. I’ve finally found a good balance between being on Facebook and fasting from it on a regular basis; I fast every few months or so, sometimes for a few days, other times for a couple of weeks. Every now and […]

  • This Is Your Marriage On Social Media

    I wish I were clever and resourceful enough to come up with a commercial similar to the one below, to illustrate how we treat marriage on social media. We do not realize just how serious a responsibility we bear when we ask for or receive advice about marriage online. Numerous blogs and websites offer generic […]