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  • How I Organize My Life, Part 1

    Organization is such a personal thing, I hesitated quite a bit before writing this. If you knew me in person, you’d probably think: she doesn’t have it together at all, what’s she doing giving organizing advice? Let’s get the confessions out of the way. Much as it’s a shame to admit, I’m still undoing years […]

  • Christina Mamaril on Chasing Beauty

    When I first got on Instagram, a friend dutifully warned me that it was the place for shallow people, mostly celebrities and celebrity-wannabes, social climbers, those with a materialistic bent. So I tread carefully for a while, until one day, WHOA. So many Catholic women! Fellow homeschooling moms, sisters, singles, sharing a bit of their […]

  • Christ’s Teachings Are the Vegetables Of Our Lives

    One of the reasons I love cooking so much is that it’s often meditative for me. Peeling, chopping, mincing, crushing, tearing, and sometimes tearing up (those blasted onions)…. The work can get tedious, but I have my best conversations with Mama Mary and the Holy Spirit right there at my kitchen counter. Today, as I […]

  • What Rocks a Marriage and What Makes a Marriage Rock

    By May A by May A. The Survey of Marital Generosity (www.stateofourunions.org) was published in 2011 and was a summary of almost 2,000 couples’ response on what makes a marriage very happy and what makes a marriage strong (i.e. not prone to separation or divorce). It is a good objective document with great prescriptive counsel. […]

  • In Conversation With God: Spiritual Reading

  • Wonder Woman is Pregnant — with meaning

    by The Former Sapphist. I had to wait a few days to let it simmer. Otherwise, it would’ve been just the rant of a mad, mad lover. As a batang 80’s (child of the 80’s), I grew up watching Wonder Woman with eyes glued to the TV like it was all the world to me. […]

  • Catholic Podcasts to Deepen Your Knowledge of Our Faith

    A guest post from Sheryl Ebarvia Coronel. Dear all, if you’re looking for Catholic podcasts to deepen your knowledge of the things of our Christian faith, here’s a list of my favorites. Look for them in iTunes. Podcasts: 1. The Terry and Jesse Show 2. Institute of Catholic Culture 3. The Taylor Marshall Show 4. […]

  • A Ladder to Heaven: Lectio Divina

      by The Rambling Catholic As an agnostic revert, I found it difficult at first to understand Scriptures. My primary mistake, perhaps, when I was younger, was reading the Bible literally as I would a newspaper. I thought it was just a trivial read and, yes, once in my existence, I also thought Jesus was […]