Tag: Suffering

  • Of Suffering, Safety Nets and Kings

    Over the past few weeks, PinayVoices has been hopping because of our posts on divorce. It can be draining. It’s exhausting to talk to unhappy women who, blinded by anger, can’t get past their own view of things to hear what others are saying. Misunderstanding is a given. I wasn’t surprised, but what bothered me […]

  • Let Not The Manger Remain Empty

    There is no Christmas tree. There is no creche. There is no Advent wreath on the table, nor St. Nicks on the piano. No greenery threaded through the stair’s handrail. The only signs of Christmas coming are the faint Advent music coming through the speakers and the colorful lights hung by our oldest son, livening […]

  • Musings on a First Friday mass

    by The Former Sapphist. A transgendered woman who’s well in his 60s sat about five rows in front of me. His broad shoulders, drooping, showed how much weight he carried. In another seat, a man crouched and sobbed like a boy who skinned his knees. He buried his face in his palms while beside him […]